Rui Parada

I´m a Designer. #visual #ux

Idea / Webinar

Hello All. Just an idea to the Bondlayer Team. Why dont you do a live webinar with QAs, soon as possible? I think this is a powerfull tool. I want to use it in several projects. I´m learning by the tutorials right now by I still have a lot of technical questions.
Thanks 😉🤟

Hello 🙌

Hi I'm Rui from Porto. I'm an Independent Designer and I´m using Bond Layer for side projects. Thanks Bondlayer, this is an amazing tool!! 🤟 I really want to use it!
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How can I change images on a template

Hi, I´m trying to use the "Art Gallery" template for a project.
How can I change the images on the first grid? I can´t see the replace image button, it´s not available.